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No longer you would need to squander time on fake Instagram followers! The secrets of the most popular bloggers and celebrities are finally unveiled – Instalex will show you how to become Instagram Famous for real! Our book is a step-by-step guide that explains how to attract millions of followers to your profile and start making profit out of it! This book will tell you everything about how the most popular Instagram people create viral content which attracts MILLIONS of new followers to them and how they make a buck out of that potential.


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What’s in it for you?

Fantastic discoveries

You will get to know numerous secrets and tips on Instagram promotion! This book will tell you how to create unique and high-quality content which will be well-received and liked by many users!

Unseen profit

You will learn 10 unique and highly effective methods of Instagram monetization which will help you make money out of your own Instagram account!

Unprecedented growth

You will see how you can attract thousands of people to your account every day, without any cheating or bots! Grow your audience and become real Instagram influence right now!

Eminent cases

Do you want to understand how to grow your account from the ground up to 100+ thousand in just a year? With our step-by-step personal analysis, you sure will!

Table of contents


- From the author

- The launch of Instalex

First steps

- Why choose Instagram

- Instagram for Business, an A-Z guide

- Choosing a theme

Growth of your account

- Stages of growth for your account

- White marketing

- Grey marketing

- Developing a Content Plan

- Instagram automation services compilation

Bloggers and celebrities tips and tricks

- Instagram Stories

- Instagram account monetization

- Celebrities and Instagram

- Instagram bloggers

- Instagram public pages

Real stories and cases

- Black PR on Instagram

- Traffic arbitrage

Instagram algorithms

- Instagram algorithms and bugs

- Instagram search engine and how it works

- Bonus features Glossary

Bonus features include

- Terminology

Bonus features include

- Terminology

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320+ pages of our personal, undiluted experience

Our book is the first of its kind. It was written by people for people to understand all the intricacies of Instagram promotion and how you can attract millions of followers to your profile and even more. We have that experience and know our business: behind our backs more than hundreds of thousands stories of how many regular people and entrepreneurs from all over the world already make profit on their Instagram accounts!


Instagram secrets

In our book we discuss all the secrets related to how
Instagram works. After testing all of our theories on
more than 400.000 Instagram accounts, we have created
a thorough instruction on every nook and cranny of Instagram work:
with that in mind, you can utilize this platform for actual profiting!


From us to you

Many Instagram users from CIS countries are still stuck in the past and do not know much about Instagram promotion or how to successfully popularize your account just yet: most of the time they come to quite expensive services of quite inexperienced SMM specialists, attract inactive followers and utilize cheap automation programs that will bring them nothing but bot followers. No matter how old you are, your walk of life or your country of origin – in this book, each person will find something useful for themselves and surely will know how to apply that knowledge in real life!

Our authors

This book wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for Instalex crew – people who operate the best Instagram online service on the market. Each crew member was in some way responsible for creating this manual. In our book we have garnered dozens of stories and cases, discussed how you can make income on Instagram, revealed different methods of account promotion, analyzed hundreds of thousands of Instagram accounts – all of that information was compiled in here. We assure that you will like our book and can try out all of its secrets and techniques on practice!

Author and editor of ‘Become Instagram Famous’ book. Founder of Birnal business magazine and music website The Lighthouse. Blog editor, founder and CEO
of Instalex service. Founder of ADFixed advertising agency. An experienced and profound entrepreneur and marketing specialist. Wrote and published more than
a thousand articles dedicated to SMM and marketing online. 10-year experience in marketing and IT sectors.

Alexander METELEV

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